toshiharu ikeda
Asian Cult Cinema #18, 1998
Toshiharu Ikeda

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"Much of the violence in EVIL DEAD TRAP is as shocking as it is graphic: eyeballs are slowly punctured and sliced as the camera closely lingers; spears thrust through floors, and walls trap and puncture their victim, creating a morbid sculpture."

- Video Watchdog No.18, 1993

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Date Movie Title USA UK
1980 Sukeban Mafia VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1980 Sex Hunter VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1981 Blue Lagoon VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1981 Angel Guts: Red Porno VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1984 Mermaid Legend VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1984 Cursed Village in Yudono Mountains VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1985 Scent of a Spell VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1988 Evil Dead Trap aka Shiryo No Wana VHS - **DVD VHS - DVD
1991 Misty VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1991 Scorpion Woman Prisoner:Death Threat VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1992 Red Foliage VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1993 Evil Dead Trap 3: Broken Love Killer VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1996 XX: Beautiful Prey VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1996 XX: Beautiful Beast VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1996 Key VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
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Born: Japan

Through the 70's, Toshiharu Ikeda worked as an assistant director for Nikkatsu Studios, usually teamed with filmmaker Masaru Konuma, involved in such renowned pink classics as FLOWER AND SNAKE (1974), NOBLE LADY: BOUND VASE (1977) and WIFE TO BE SACRIFICED (1974). In a personal interview, he confessed that his duties included "grooming the starlets" or "snipping the pubic hair to avoid an objectionable shot." In 1980, Ikeda made his directorial debut with SUKEBAN MAFIA - simultaneously satirical, rousing, sexy and character driven. Certainly a rarity in the "pink film" (pinku eiga) arena.

He followed this with three more films for Nikkatsu, SEX HUNTER, BLUE LAGOON and ANGEL GUTS: RED PORNO. This last film was based on Takashi Ishii's manga and was part of the ANGEL GUTS series. He collaborated with Takashi Ishii on several more films, including MERMAID LEGEND - (a unique variation of the standard vengeance theme, sort of a classy (albeit very bloody) version of I SPIT IN YOUR GRAVE), SCENT OF A SPELL and EVIL DEAD TRAP.
EVIL DEAD TRAP has been called "Japan's greatest contempory horror film" and for good reason. It combines many of the elements that characterise Dario Argento's films (including the score), as well as some of the themes often explored by David Cronenberg. His next few films were more "thrillers" than Horror films and include RED FOLIAGE and EVIL DEAD TRAP 3: BROKEN LOVE KILLER.

Recently he has made XX: BEAUTIFUL PREY, XX:BEAUTIFUL BEAST and KEY. The XX films are based on the popular "XX" books of novelist Arimasa Osawa, collections of short stories featuring deadly or forceful women. These movies are not sequels but are conceptually similar. All highlight women in pivotal, customarily male roles. XX:BEAUTIFUL PREY, is easily the best of the series (5 episodes to date). It is a tense psychological shocker set against the perverse backdrop of aberrant S & M behavior.
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