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clive barker
The Hellraiser Chronicles, 1992
Clive Barker

"Each man, woman and child in that seething tower was sightless. They saw only through the eyes of the city. They were thoughtless, but to think the city's thoughts. And they believed themselves deathless, in their lumbering, relentless strength. Vast and mad and deathless."

-- - In the Hills, the Cities, Books of Blood, Vol 1

Date Title Source IMDB DVD Reviews
1973 Salome DVD IMDB G
1978 The Forbidden DVD IMDB G
1985 Underworld/Transmutations - story IMDB
1987 Hellraiser DVD IMDB A B C G
1987 RawHead Rex - story DVD IMDB Z
1988 Hellbound - Hellraiser 2 -producer DVD IMDB C G
1990 Nightbreed DVD IMDB A B C E F
1992 Candyman - story DVD IMDB E
1995 Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh - story DVD IMDB Z
1995 Lord of Illusions DVD IMDB Z
1997 QuickSilver Highway - story, actor(TV) VHS IMDB
1998 Gods and Monsters DVD IMDB A F G
2002 Saint Sinner - story(TV) VHS IMDB
2002 Tortured Souls: Animae Damnatae DVD IMDB Review
For a complete filmography go to the IMDB

Born: October 5, 1952, Liverpool, England.

British writer, producer, director. Annointed "the future name in horror fiction" by Stephen King, Barker is a best seller whose high-flown novels continue to contribute to the genre. HELLRAISER and CANDYMAN excepted, the films he has generated are less inspirational, perhaps bespeaking the limited possibilities of Hollywood horror.
- BFI Companion to Horror

Barker's goal has been to produce horror films that take themselves seriously, as opposed to the campy, tongue-in-cheek fare that has dominated the genre in recent years. He made his directorial debut with HELLRAISER, adapted by Barker from his novella The Hellbound Heart. Described by the London periodical Time Out as "a serious, intelligent and disturbing horror film," this exceptional project was produced on a shoestring budget of $1.5 million and grossed more than $30 million. HELLRAISER introduced the sharp-featured "prince of pain" character who has been given the affectionate nickname "Pinhead" by an enthusiastic and bloodthirsty audience. Pinhead also appeared in HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II and HELLRAISER III: HELL ON EARTH, both of which were executive-produced by Barker but directed by others. He has no control over the extensive marketing of his creation (whom he describes as "the Noel Coward of the lower depths") because he sold those rights for $1 million in the deal that allowed him to direct the first installment.
Barker's second outing as a writer-director was NIGHTBREED, adapted from his novel Cabal, in which fellow horror auteur David Cronenberg had a role as a sinister psychiatrist.
- Baselines Encyclopedia of Film/Cinemania

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The Hellraiser Chronicles, 1992