david cronenberg
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Paul Tozer, Dazed, 1996
David Cronenberg

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"It is a misconception that Cronenberg's films display an attitude of disgust to the human body: anyone who can devise stories revolving around a parasite specially bred to take over the functions of diseased organs, a cable TV programmer with an organic VCR slot in his stomach, or a scientist who watches with ironic detachment as his ears and fingernails fall off, must surely be fascinated with the human body in every last one of its possible permutations"

- BFI Companion to Horror, 1996

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Date Movie Title USA UK
1975 Shivers aka They Came from Within VHS - *DVD VHS - DVD
1976 Rabid VHS - *DVD VHS - DVD
1979 The Brood VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1983 The Dead Zone VHS - *DVD VHS - DVD
1981 Scanners VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1983 Videodrome VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1986 The Fly VHS - *DVD VHS - DVD
1989 Dead Ringers VHS - **DVD VHS - DVD
1989 Nightbreed - actor VHS - *DVD VHS - DVD
1991 Naked Lunch VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1993 M. Butterfly VHS - DVD VHS - DVD
1997 Crash VHS - *DVD VHS - DVD
1999 eXistenZ VHS - **DVD VHS - DVD
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Born: March 15, 1943, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

While attending university, Cronenberg made two experimental science fiction shorts, STEREO and CRIMES OF THE FUTURE, before beginning his work in features. 1975 marked his entry into the marketplace with the release of his first commercial feature, the literally stomach-churning shocker THEY CAME FROM WITHIN. Playing on the same theme, RABID cleverly cast Marilyn Chambers, a porn star, as the unfortunate victim of an operation that leaves her with a vampiric appetite for blood. THE BROOD, was a more ambitious exercise in biological horror that revealed the filmmaker reaching for some measure of respectability. A similar sense of directorial assuredness is manifested in SCANNERS, a sci-fi conspiracy thriller involving an underground community of telepaths. VIDEODROME is a nightmare about the effects of TV on its viewers. With THE DEAD ZONE, Cronenberg truly rose above the level of horror exploitation, with one of the better adaptations of a Stephen King novel.

With the big budget remake of THE FLY, Cronenberg hit his stride, finally managing to reach a wide audience without compromising his personal vision. DEAD RINGERS, with Jeremy Irons giving a double performance as twin gynaecologists, is in many ways a distillation of Cronenbergs work. NAKED LUNCH is a brave stab at William Burroughs' unfilmable novel, though it sorely misses the cracking narrative drive of Cronenberg's best work. After the ill-advised venture outside genre territory - an adaptation of the stage play M. BUTTERFLY - Cronenberg returned to more congenial subject matter: CRASH, adapted from the novel by J.G. Ballard, is an amlagam of deviant sex and fast cars - two of the filmmakers favourite subjects. As an actor, he has significant cameos in INTO THE NIGHT and TO DIE FOR and plays the psycho analyst of NIGHTBREED.
- BFI Companion to Horror