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The British Horror Film, 1965-1970

. . . Hammer not only gave British horror a brand name with which it could be identified around the world, they also changd the face of horror. Under the sound business sense and exploitation sensibilities of Sir James Carreras, Hammer grew from a tiny cottage industry to an expansive and profitable company.
---- - from Fragments of Fear, 1996

The latter part of the 1960s saw two new companies making a determined effort to wrest supremacy from Hammer in the British horror stakes. On the strength of DR TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS, Milton Subotsky's Amicus became a force to reckon with, while Tony Tenser, having quit Compton-Tekli in 1966, formed a company that would become just as formidable, Tigon. Both outfits struck co-production deals with Hammer's US equivalent, American International, a company which increasingly located its own horror productions in British Studios.
---- - from English Gothic, 2000

Books, Magazines

English Gothic, a century of horror cinema
---- - Jonathan Rigby, 2000.
Fragments of Fear, the British Horror Film
---- - Andy Boot, 1996.
BFI Companion to Horror
---- - Kim Newman, 1996.
The Overlook Film Encyclopedia of Horror
---- - Phil Hardy, 1993.
---- - Allan Bryce, 2000.
The Hammer Story
---- - Marcus Hearn, Alan Barnes , 1998.

The DarkSide Magazine
---- - The premier British horror magazine.
FAB press
---- - another source for the books.

Below is a selected list of the films, along with the Director, Studio and links to and the IMDb. All films are listed alphabetically within their year of production and/or release. If this differs, I have generally gone for the former.

Title Director Studio Source IMDB
Die, Monster, Die Daniel Haller AltaVista DVD IMDB
Dracula Prince of Darkness Terence Fisher Hammer DVD IMDB
Island of Terror Terence Fisher Planet VHS IMDB
The Nanny Seth Holt Hammer VHS IMDB
Plague of the Zombies John Gilling Hammer DVD IMDB
The Psychopath Freddie Francis Amicus DVD IMDB
The Reptile John Gilling Hammer DVD IMDB
The Skull Freddie Francis Amicus VHS IMDB
A Study in Terror James Hill Compton/Tekli VHS IMDB
Theatre of Death Samuel Gallu Pennea DVD IMDB
The Deadly Bees Freddie Francis Amicus DVD IMDB
Eye of the Devil J. Lee Thompson Filmways DVD IMDB
Frankenstein Created Woman Terence Fisher Hammer DVD IMDB
The Mummy's Shroud John Gilling Hammer DVD IMDB
Torture Garden Freddie Francis Amicus DVD IMDB
The Witches Cyril Frankel Hammer DVD IMDB
Berserk Jim O'Connolly Herman Cohen VHS IMDB
The Blood Beast Terror Vernon Sewell Tigon DVD IMDB
Corruption Robert Hartford-Davis Titan DVD IMDB
Dance of the Vampires Roman Polanski Filmways VHS IMDB
The Devil Rides Out Terence Fisher Hammer DVD IMDB
Quatermass and the Pit Roy Ward Baker Hammer DVD IMDB
The Shuttered Room David Greene Troy/Schenck DVD IMDB
The Sorcerers Michael Reeves Tigon DVD IMDB
Witchfinder General Michael Reeves Tigon VHS IMDB
Curse of the Crimson Altar Vernon Sewell ??? DVD IMDB
Dracula has Risen from his Grave Freddie Francis Hammer VHS IMDB
The Oblong Box Gordon Hessler AIP DVD IMDB
Cry of the Banshee Gordon Hessler AIP VHS IMDB
The Corpse Viktors Ritelis Cannon/Abacus DVD IMDB
Frankenstein Must be Destroyed Terence Fisher Hammer VHS IMDB
Haunted House of Horror Michael Armstrong Tigon/AIP DVD IMDB
Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly Freddie Francis Fitzroy DVD IMDB
Scream and Scream Again Gordon Hessler Amicus VHS IMDB
And Soon the Darkness Robert Fuest EMI DVD IMDB
Assault Sidney Hayers Rank ??? IMDB
The Beast in the Cellar James Kelley Tigon ??? IMDB
Blood on Satan's Claw Piers Haggard Tigon VHS IMDB
Countess Dracula Peter Sasdy Hammer ??? IMDB
Fragment of Fear Richard C. Sarafian Columbia ??? IMDB
Goodbye Gemini Alan Gibson Joseph Shaftel ??? IMDB
Horror of Frankenstein Jimmy Sangster Hammer DVD IMDB
The House that Dripped Blood Peter Duffell Amicus VHS IMDB
I, Monster Stephen Weeks Amicus DVD IMDB
Incense for the Damned Robert Hartford-Davis Titan VHS IMDB
Lust for a Vampire Jimmy Sangster Hammer DVD IMDB
The Man who Haunted Himself Basil Dearden Excalibur DVD IMDB
Scars of Dracula Roy Ward Baker Hammer DVD IMDB
Secrets of Sex Antony Balch Noteworthy DVD IMDB
Taste the Blood of Dracula Peter Sasdy Hammer VHS IMDB
10 Rillington Place Richard Fleischer Filmways VHS IMDB
Trog Freddie Francis Herman Cohen VHS IMDB
The Vampire Lovers Roy Ward Baker Hammer VHS IMDB