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The British Horror Film, 1971-1976

. . . Britain's horror practitioners proceeded to spice up their products considerably. From the blink-and-you'll-miss-them dabs of nudity in pictures like PEEPING TOM and DEVIL DOLL, British horror films were now progressing to exploitative details which would have been unimaginable only five years before. Hammer led the way with a film - their first of the 1970s - which was emblematic not only of relaxed censorship but also of the American desertion of Britain's sinking studios. Apart from a continuation of their Warner Bros liason for three final Draculas, THE VAMPIRE LOVERS, would be Hammer's last film to benefit from American finance; most subsequent films would be backed either by Rank or EMI. It also featured bare breasts galore and a voracious lesbian vampire!
---- - from English Gothic, 2000

. . . so it was left to the independents to find new directions, and there were plenty, some of them interesting, some of them just plain weird. But the contrast between the films of Peter Walker and Anthony Balch, and those of Tyburn, are so great as to warrant a chapter to themselves
---- - from Fragments of Fear, 1996

Books, Magazines

Ten Years of Terror: British Films of the 1970s
---- - Harvey Fenton and David Flint, 2001.
English Gothic, a century of horror cinema
---- - Jonathan Rigby, 2000.
Fragments of Fear
---- - Andy Boot, 1996.
BFI Companion to Horror
---- - Kim Newman, 1996.
The Overlook Film Encyclopedia of Horror
---- - Phil Hardy, 1993.
---- - Allan Bryce, 2000.
The Hammer Story
---- - Marcus Hearn, Alan Barnes , 1998.
Psychedelic Decadence
---- - Martin Jones, 2002.
The DarkSide
---- - The premier British horror magazine.
---- - another source for the books.

Below is a selected list of the films, along with the Director, Studio and links to and the IMDb. All films are listed alphabetically within their year of production and/or release. If this differs, I have generally gone for the former.

Title Director Studio Source IMDB
The Abominable Dr Phibes Robert Fuest AIP DVD IMDB
Blind Terror Richard Fleischer Genesis VHS IMDB
Blood from the Mummy's Tomb Seth Holt Hammer DVD IMDB
Burke and Hare Vernon Sewell Armitage ??? IMDB
A Clockwork Orange Stanley Kubrick Hawk DVD IMDB
Crucible of Terror Ted Hooker Glendale DVD IMDB
Demons of the Mind Peter Sykes Hammer DVD IMDB
The Devils Ken Russell Russo VHS IMDB
Die Screaming, Marianne Peter Walker Peter Walker Film DVD IMDB
Doctor Jekyll and Sister Hyde Roy Ward Baker Hammer DVD IMDB
Endless Night Sidney Gilliat British Lion DVD IMDB
The Fiend Robert Hartford-Davis World Arts VHS IMDB
Fright Peter Collinson Fantale DVD IMDB
Hands of the Ripper Peter Sasdy Hammer ??? IMDB
The House in Nightmare Park Peter Sykes Extonation ??? IMDB
Macbeth Roman Polanski Playboy DVD IMDB
The Nightcomers Michael Winner Scimitar ??? IMDB
Night Hair Child Andrea Bianchi Leander ??? IMDB
Straw Dogs Sam Peckinpah Talent DVD IMDB
Twins of Evil John Hough Hammer ??? IMDB
Vampire Circus Robert Young Hammer ??? IMDB
Venom Peter Sykes Cupid DVD IMDB
Virgin Witch Ray Austin Univista ??? IMDB
What Became of Jack and Jill? Bill Bain Amicus ??? IMDB
Whoever Slew Auntie Roo Curtis Harrington Hemdale/AIP ??? IMDB
The Asphyx Peter Newbrook Glendale DVD IMDB
Asylum Roy Ward Baker Amicus DVD IMDB
Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter Brian Clemens Hammer VHS IMDB
The Creeping Flesh Freddie Francis Tigon VHS IMDB
Death Line Gary Sherman K-L ??? IMDB
Disciple of Death Tom Parkinson Chromage ??? IMDB
Doctor Phibes Rises Again Robert Fuest AIP DVD IMDB
Doomwatch Peter Sasdy Tigon DVD IMDB
Dracula AD 1972 Alan Gibson Hammer VHS IMDB
Fear in the Night Jimmy Sangster Hammer DVD IMDB
The Flesh and Blood Show Peter Walker Heritage DVD IMDB
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell Terence Fisher Hammer VHS IMDB
Horror Express Eugenio Martin Granada DVD IMDB
Neither the Sea nor the Sand Fred Burnley Tigon DVD IMDB
Nothing but the Night Peter Sasdy Charlemagne DVD IMDB
Psychomania Don Sharp Benmar DVD IMDB
Straight on till morning Peter Collinson Hammer DVD IMDB
Tales from the Crypt Freddie Francis Amicus VHS IMDB
Tower of Evil Jim O'Connolly Grenadier DVD IMDB
. . . And Now the Screaming Starts Roy Ward Baker Amicus DVD IMDB
Dark Places Don Sharp Sedgley VHS IMDB
Don't Look Now Nicolas Roeg Casey VHS IMDB
From Beyond the Grave Kevin Connor Amicus VHS IMDB
Horror Hospital Antony Balch Noteworthy DVD IMDB
Legend of Hell House John Hough Academy DVD IMDB
Madhouse Jim Clark Amicus DVD IMDB
The Satanic Rites of Dracula Alan Gibson Hammer DVD IMDB
Scream and Die! Jose Ramon Larraz ??? ??? IMDB
Son of Dracula Freddie Francis Apple DVD IMDB
Tales that Witness Madness Freddie Francis Tyburn VHS IMDB
Theatre of Blood Douglas Hickox Cineman DVD IMDB
The Vault of Horror Roy Ward Baker Amicus ??? IMDB
The Wicker Man Robin Hardy British Lion DVD IMDB
The Beast Must Die Paul Annett Amicus DVD IMDB
Craze Freddie Francis Herman Cohen ??? IMDB
Frightmare Peter Walker Heritage DVD IMDB
Ghost Story Stephen Weeks Stephen Weeks DVD IMDB
The Ghoul Freddie Francis Tyburn DVD IMDB
House of Whipcord Pete Walker Heritage DVD IMDB
The Legend of Seven Golden Vampires Roy Ward Baker Hammer DVD IMDB
The Legend of the Werewolf Freddie Francis Tyburn DVD IMDB
Mutations Jack Cardiff Getty DVD IMDB
Persecution Don Chaffey Tyburn DVD IMDB
Symptons Jose Ramon Larraz Finition DVD IMDB
Vampyres Jose Ramon Larraz ??? DVD IMDB
Expose James Kenelm Clarke Norfolk DVD IMDB
House of Mortal Sin Peter Walker Heritage DVD IMDB
The Devil's Men Kostas Karayiannis Getty DVD IMDB
Satan's Slave Norman J Warren Monumental DVD IMDB
Schizo Peter Walker Heritage DVD IMDB
To the Devil - a Daughter Peter Sykes Hammer DVD IMDB