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Feb 9th 2003

  • general site update
    Revamped the site, with better looking tables, extra links. Hopefully will add more in the near future

July 1st 2002

  • 1 new page uploaded listing Asian Horror Films from 1996-2002
    ---Asia 1996-2002

    The pages list a selection of films along with the Director and Country (Japan, S. Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand) as well as links to availability of the DVD or VCD from Amazon, Asian Cult Cinema and Poker Industries and to the IMDB. I have also listed some of the reference material I used to put these pages together

May 26th 2002

  • 2 new pages uploaded listing British Horror Films from 1965-1976

    The pages list a selection of films along with the Director and Studio as well as links to availability and to the IMDB. This largely came about as I was looking for some obscure films I grew up watching in England, including Peter Walkers House of Whipcord, Die Screaming, Marianne, Frightmare and Schizo. I also found the following obscure gems And Soon the Darkness by Robert Fuest, Tower of Evil by Jim O'Connolly and Demons of the Mind by Peter Sykes.

    However quite a few films are still unavailable on DVD in the US (on NTSC), including Michael Reeves THE SORCERERS and WITCHFINDER GENERAL, Robert Youngs VAMPIRE CIRCUS, Nic Roegs DON'T LOOK NOW, Norman Warrens SATANS SKIN and Piers Haggards BLOOD ON SATANS CLAW.

    I have also listed some of the reference material I used to put these pages together

May 12th 2002

  • 1 new director page uploaded
    --- Sam Raimi

    Spectacular debut with the movie, EVIL DEAD in 1982. Has since progressed to more mainstream fare, notably the recently released SPIDERMAN (2002). However, still delves occasionally into the Horror genre with such movies as THE GIFT (2000) and DARKMAN (1990).

  • Upcoming DVD's
    Curious as to what DVD's are in the pipeline? One of my favourite places to visit is Mondo-erotico DVD news. The site lists upcoming releases and is updated regularly. Each movie is linked to another site where you can purchase it, usually or Highly recommended.

    On one of my quests for cheap DVD's, I found this site - DeepDiscount DVD. - there is a user friendly search engine or you can browse for DVD's by category - the selection is not as comprehensive as some sits, but some great bargains can be found. Many $25 and $30 movies can be found for less than $20. The site also lists both recent and upcoming releases.

May 5th 2002

  • 1 new director page uploaded
    --- Michele Soavi

    A protege of Dario Argento. Made some stylistic horror movies in the late 80's and early 90's.

    Both 'Stagefright' and 'The Church' have just been released on DVD in the US (Feb 2002) and are available for around $18 (at Amazon) - down to $12 at my local Target store! No commentaries, but great transfers, widescreen anamorphic - 1.85:1 with dolby digital sound. Both worth checking out.

    Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetary Man) is currently unavailable on DVD in the USA (Region 1, NTSC). A VCD version is available from Cinebizzare, this is the European version with Chinese subtitles! but at $20 is not badly priced. Remember, most VCD's will play on today's DVD players as well as on most computers. However quality is only slightly better than tape and they come as a 2 disc set (a single disc can hold only 70 minutes of film).

    Dellamorte Dellamore is also available on a German DVD (Region 2, PAL) for $29.95 and with widescreen 1.85:1, a choice of English or German soundtrack and a directors commentary (in Italian), one to look out for if your DVD player will play it. Check out both LFVW or Cinebizzare for availability .

April 28th 2002

  • Nekromanitik, dir. Jorg Buttgereit
    Check it out at Barrel Entertainment. Their site was last updated Nov 2001, but has pages on both NEKROMANTIK and SCHRAM. The price is around $35, but the DVD is in German with removable English subtitles and contains commentary by director Jorg Buttgereit and co-author Franz Rodenkirchen, an early short movie "HORROR HEAVEN" by Buttgereit, the making of NEKROMANTIK with behind the scenes footage, outatkes and interviews and over a 100 stills. It sounds like you can buy it directly from them (by e-mail) but I found my copy at Tower Records for $32 - available 2-3 days
April 21st 2002

  • 4 new director pages uploaded
    --- Alejandro Amenabar
    --- George Romero
    --- Guillermo del Toro
    --- Stuart Gordon

    Two old timers! whose classic movies have just been re-released on DVD (see below) and two up and coming directors, who appear to have a strong love of the horror genre, and whose movies have recently appeared in the cinema.

April 14th 2002

  • Night of the Living Dead, dir. George Romero
    I previously bought the Night of the Living Dead (Special Collectors Edition) from Elite Entertainment for $14 . Good value, as it contains 2 full running commentaries, one by George Romero, John Russo, Karl Hardman and Marilyn Eastman and a second by 6 members of the cast and crew. It also includes Night of the Living Bread (a parody) and trailers. The film is a THX approved transfer and full screen with mono digital sound.
    So what does the Night of the Living Dead (Millennium edition) again from Elite Entertainment offer at $25 ($20 at Amazon). The film is also THX approved and full screen, but with dolby digital sound (5.1 and 2.0 mono). There is dual commentary tracks that include George Romero and the cast. New extras include the last interview with star Duane Jones, scenes from a "lost" Romero film, video interview with Judy Ridley, still photos, shooting script etc. At $20, its a great price, however if you have the earlier "special collectors edition" not sure its worth buying - maybe I'll wait for the next release.
  • Re-Animator, dir. Stuart Gordon
    Same scenario - I bought Re-Animator (Special Widescreen Edition) from Elite Entertainment for $30. Again 2 full running commentaries, one from Stuart Gordon and a hilarious one by Brian Yuzna, Jeffrey Combs, Robert Sampson, Barbara Crampton and Bruce Abbott. Digitally re-mastered at 1.85:1 with mono sound. 20 minutes of additional footage and trailers.
    The 2-DVD Re-Animator (Millennium edition), again from Elite Entertainment, at $30 ($22.50 from Amazon) contains all the above plus interviews with Stuart Gordon, Brian Yuzna, writer Dennis Paoli and composer Richard Band, behind the scenes gallery, storyboards etc. Again if you already have the first version, I am not sure its worth another $30 for this one. However if you did not buy the earlier version, this Millennium edition is highly recommended.
  • DVD's, Videos and books are available from Shocking Images. Apart from many new and imported Videos and DVD's, excellent pages devoted to Jean Rollin and Lucio Fulci, pages of movie reviews etc. they also sell many 'hard to find' books. Two books worth mentioning are
    Bizarre Sinema Vol.2; Horror All'Italiana 1957-1979, edt by Stefano Piselli, Riccardo Morrocchi, Hd, 176 pg. $59.95. Text in English, Italian, and French. The Italian directors and the sexy-horror movies from the Golden Age of Cinecittą: Riccardo Freda, Mario Bava, Antonio Margheriti, Massimo Pupillo, Renato Polselli... I vampiri, La maschera del demonio, Danza macabra, Il Boia Scarlatto, L'amante del vampiro...Unpublished interviews, bibliography and filmography. An excellent and informative book.
    Bizarre Sinema Vol.3: Jess Franco: El Sexo del Horror, edt by C. Aguilar, S. Piselli, R. Morrocchi, Hd, 192 pg. $59.95. Text in English and Italian. Blindly revered by his small/numerous international legion of loyal fans, respected by followers of psychotronic cinema, and, on the other hand reviled by the most refined "cinephiles"...Without a doubt, Jesus Franco is an utterly anomalous figure.

April 7th 2002

  • Ginger Snaps, dir. John Fawcett
    The USA version of Ginger Snaps (Artisan) was recently released to a full screen, no extras DVD. DO NOT BUY THIS! A much better buy is the Canadian TVA International release - this contains 1.85:1 transfer, Dolby Digital stereo and loads of extras including 2 audio commentaries, deleted scenes and rehearsal footage.
    I found mine at but it can also be found at and
  • eXistenZ, dir. David Cronenberg
    Not new, these DVD's were released 2 years ago, but fits into the above category where the USA version (Dimension Home Video) looks good at 1.78:1 and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, but contains no additional material. Instead buy the Canadian Alliance Atlantis DVD which contains three audio commentaries, including one by David Cronenberg. It also comes with an hour long documentary on the Invisible art of production designer Carol Spier. Again I found my copy at but is also available at and
  • The Haunted World of Mario Bava by Troy Howart
    A whole slew of books related to Horror Movies can be obtained at However the one mentioned above is first on the list and is book 3 in their director series (available for sale now - will be shipped at the end of April) - a 352 page book, with 80 pages in colour. The previous 2 director series books covered the films of Ruggero Deodato and Dario Argento (both are still available) - other books of note include "Ten Years of Terror" which covers many British Horror Films of the 1970's and "AntiCristo - the bible of Nasty Nun Sinema and culture" Check out their site!!

  • Mario Bava, All the Colours of the Dark by Tim Lucas
    This book has been on its way for a couple of years (actually 27 years according to the ad on their site!) - but the wait will soon be over. You can find it at Video Watchdog. Its certainly not cheap at $97 (if pre-ordered before 6/30/02) but will be the definitive guide and contains more than 60 interviews, critical analysis of all his films and much much more.