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lucio fulci
The Dark Side, 1990
Lucio Fulci

"Despite the gruesome and horrifying nature of such scenes, Fulci seems to exhibit such an innocent, wide-eyed curiosity and sense of gleeful abandon in his over-the-top gore tableaux that it's almost touching"

-- - Chas. Balun, Gorezone, 1996

Date Title Source IMDB DVD Reviews
1971 A Lizard in a Woman's Skin DVD IMDB
1972 The Eroticist DVD IMDB DVD
1972 Don't Torture the Duckling DVD IMDB B
1975 Dracula in the Provinces DVD IMDB DVD
1975 Four of the Apocalypse DVD IMDB
1977 The Psychic DVD IMDB DVD
1979 Zombie/Zombie Flesh Eaters DVD IMDB A B
1980 City of the Living Dead/Gates of Hell DVD IMDB A B
1981 L'Aldila/The Beyond DVD IMDB A B
1981 Black Cat DVD IMDB B
1981 The House by the Cemetary DVD IMDB B
1982 The New York Ripper DVD IMDB B
1982 Manhattan Baby DVD IMDB B
1983 Conquest DVD IMDB DVD
1984 Murderock DVD IMDB
1986 The Devil's Honey DVD IMDB DVD
1987 Aenigma DVD IMDB
1988 Zombie 3/Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 DVD IMDB DVD
1988 The Ghosts of Sodom DVD IMDB
1988 Demonia DVD IMDB B
1989 House of Clocks DVD IMDB
1990 Cat in the Brain/Nightmare Concert DVD IMDB DVD
1990 Voices from Beyond DVD IMDB

For a complete filmography go to the IMDB

Born: June 17, 1927, Rome, Italy

A journeyman whose pedigree includied comedies, Westerns and musicals, Fulci directed ZOMBIE, an unauthorised sequel to George Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978). With its flamboyant imagery (including a stunningly choreographed eye-gouging) and stirring score, ZOMBIE brought sudden acclaim and new career to Fulci as a major director of horror films. It was not his first in the field: he had made the animal themed gialli A LIZARD IN A WOMAN'S SKIN and DON'T TORTURE THE DUCKLING, the parodic DRACULA IN THE PROVINCES and the Edgar Allan Poe inspired THE PSYCHIC

ZOMBIE was followed by three other zombie films that compose a loose tetralogy: the gaudily violent CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD; THE BEYOND, his finest achievement in horror cinema; and THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETARY, a revision of Kubrick's THE SHINING (1980). He explored other themes in another Poe project, THE BLACK CAT, and MANHATTAN BABY and pushed his penchant for violence into the sordid sex of THE NEW YORK RIPPER. After the stylish sword-and-sorcery adventure CONQUEST and a generic futuristic actioner, I GUERRIERI DELL'ANNO 2072, Fulci turned away from the zombies and violence that had reitalised his career with the FLASHDANCE inspired GIALLO MURDEROCK UCCIDE A PASSO DI DANZA, the psychological thriller THE DEVIL'S HONEY and AENIGMA.

With his health failing, his planned return to his beloved zombies in ZOMBIE 3 was compromised, as bruno Mattei replaced him during production. In the post-modern self-critique NIGHTMARE CONCERT, Fulci plays himself, wondering whether his obsession with horror is a mental illness that has led him to murder. His final films, sparsely budgeted and distributed, are a testament to his continued devotion to the cinema of fear. In 1995 Fulci began work on WAX MASK, a substantially budgeted movie produced by Dario Argento; he died just days before principal photography was to begin on March 13, 1996; the project was continued by Sergio Stivaletti.
- Douglas Winter in BFI Companion to Horror edt. by Kim Newman, 1996

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Gorezone - 10, Nov 1989

Beyond Terror: Films of Lucio Fulci by Stephen Edward Thrower, 1999. If it is not available at, try

Lucio Fulci: Beyond the Gates by Chas. Balun, 1997

Spaghetti Nightmares by Luca M. Palmerini and Gaetano Mistretta, 1996. Fantasma Books, Key West, Florida

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